Data Destruction with Data Center with a comprehensive service provider like Asia Data Destruction (ADD) that can provide services for your organization both On-Site and Off-Site to help facilitate your organization. by a team of IT experts who have been audited by international agencies with standard data destruction methods and procedures According to government agencies in many countries, it is a good method. convenient and safe.

We can comply with the security policies that each Data Center, Asset Owner or Compliant team wants to destroy in a manner that complies with that regulation, both On-Site and Off-Site.

It is therefore important for organizations to have a good selection of service providers. To help take action that saves time for your organization. And must ensure that the service provider complies with international standards. Can be verified and also has a Certificate of Data Destruction certificate or certificate of data destruction. That will help your organization easy to pass Audit or inspection from relevant departments.

Manage Data Center to increase administrative income. help reduce expenses

Data Center is like the brain of an organization. because there is a large number of databases stored Causing most organizations to focus with data protection and always being updated, modifying technology to be up to date.

Each change of IT equipment involves a large amount of budget, team work, and time.

To help change the organization’s IT equipment, you can do it easily and quickly. You should choose a professional IT device management provider. can be made according to requirements organized There is also a guarantee with a data destruction certificate. It allows you to manage property listings. As well as helping to buy your old equipment that will allow you to be flexible in changing the new device and accepting new business that will occur as well.

So what companies can provide secure data wiping services? and convenient like this for you.

  • Asia Data Destruction, the leader in comprehensive data destruction with world-class standards. With over 14 years of data destruction experience.
  • Manage your IT assets on-site and get certified.

Makes you confident that destroying data with us Absolutely no information will be leaked. And can follow the above topic that we have told you in all respects!

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