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What is certificate of destruction or COD?
Is a document provided to your company by an ITAD service provider as proof that paper documents, hard drives or other IT assists have been destroyed in compliance with following laws and industry standards.

Is a certification of destruction important?
A certification of destruction is an audit document affirming that all confidential data has been destroyed completely and any remains have been disposed properly. COD guarantees that the data was destroyed and cannot be recovered from erased, that protects you from the risk of identity and information theft.

Certificate of data destruction and certificate of disposal are provided after we complete our services.

Most industries that work with private and sensitive information, banking, finance, Health care, Information Technology, Education and International Data privacy regulations must be cautious and stringent to protect consumer identities, financial data, and personal privacy. We can help you secure your confidential information by following prominent Information Technology guidelines and laws that are respected worldwide.

We are certified with:

PCI certification
SOX certification
Hipaa & Hitech certification
HiTrust certification
ISO certification
NIST certification
COPPA logo
FERPA certification
GDP Compliant
PDPA Compliant
APPI Compliant
PDPC Compliant

Data Destruction for Enterprise / Corporate

Data Destruction for Enterprise

Data Destruction for enterprise a place with high energy consumption that stores data, typically for large companies, is called Data Center or a Server Farm.

The importance of Data centers and Server farms are critical in this current digital age. These Data/Network centers store data, host cloud service, and, more recently, metaverses.

If you have thought about deleting data from the cloud, then this is the solution to delete the source of data that is being stored in the data center.

All our process follows strict procedures and guidance that is secure and certified. We proceed with our services side by side with the respective personal from the Data Center to provide most flexible and secure ITAD process.

Data Destruction for corporate office

All corporate office is using digital device to collect, maintain, use, and achieve the data of the clients or the organization.

There are most used ICT devices much, like that of personal use. In addition, many ICT devices are used to combine the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

Asia Data Destruction performs secure data erasure process for all the ICT Devices and even offers buy back service.

This service supports corporate offices to reduce their cost by gaining financial amount back from the old devices. Moreover, the importance of sustainability and carbon footprint can also be solved using ADD’s circular modeled process and services.

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Data Destruction For Personal Bg

Data Destruction for personal

Did you know? Your personal information stored in any computers or electronic devices can be recovered. Formatting or a factory reset remain unsafe. Only a certified data destruction is real.

We following international standards and national regulation.

Your old IT devices will be 100% data erased and you will get a Certificate of Data Destruction.

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Software License & Data Destruction tools

We not only provide ITAD service but also provide our Data Erasure Software. The software we provide is the same software we use in our daily data destruction activities. The software has been certified by International Organization and also follows the strict international, national and industrial standard.

This software is the best solution for organizations who would like to make sure themselves regarding the 100% destruction of the Data. Each organization can use this software to perform erasure as long as they have the licenses.

This software also provides tamper proof certification, which can be used for any auditing purpose.

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We also provide Data destruction machines. The machines are specialized hardware devices designed to physically destroy electronic storage media such as hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), USB drives, and other storage devices.

Hard Drive Shredders: These machines use powerful blades to physically shred hard drives into small pieces, rendering the data on them unreadable.

Degaussers: These machines use powerful magnetic fields to erase the data stored on hard drives and other magnetic media, making it irretrievable.

These machines are certified by International Organization and also follows the strict international, national and industrial standard.

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