” We are not just protecting your sensitive data. We are helping to promote sustainability, and reducing the negative impact of e-waste on the environment with carbon foot print.”

– Asia Data Destruction-

Our Circular concept

Asia Data Destruction not only provides secure data erasure, but also provides solutions and services that is circular, sustainable and negative carbon foot print for clients.

The Concept of ADD is to destroy data while refurbishing the cosmetics of the devices to resell and circulate the products in fair market value. This practice now is recognized as “Circular Economy”. In Addition ADD provides tailored secure ITAD services together with the sustainability and carbon neutrality projects.


In ADD’s Circular concept; we provide benefits to our clients while preserving and extending the life of the IT Assets for re-use. Most of the organizations use their IT Assets for 4 to 6 years and replace them. Many organization are aware of the importance of Data erasure, however they dispose the devices after secure data disposal. IN Asia Data Destruction, we offer our clients to sell their devices to us, which will go through data destruction, refurbishment – remarketing and reusing.

There are also devices which are required for recycling. Fo these devices ADD take responsibility of dismantling to the smaller parts which then will be sorted out to be used as spare parts, or to be used in refurbished products and parts what should go back to the manufacturing for remanufacturing. As a result of our step by step circular and sustainable approach, we have established a loop in production and consumption of the IT assets.


Adding more years to product life reduces emissions by 30-50 %

We are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that reduce our environmental footprint and positively impact to the society with Carbon foot print.

Data destruction process is an important aspect of ESG because it helps companies ensure that their operations are ethical, sustainable, and responsible. Here are some ways that Asia Data Destruction can help in ESG


Carbon foot print

Extending the lifespan of computers can help reduce their carbon foot print by decreasing the need for new devices to be produced, which involves the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and disposal of the old devices.

No Landfill

No Landfill

Recycling without using landfills is a critical step towards protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. By recycling electronics, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and promote sustainable practices.

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Carbon foot print solution

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Beyond Carbon Foot Print Neutrality and road to NET ZERO

Carbon neutrality is just the beginning for ADD
ADD Beyond Carbon Neutrality