ITAD – What is IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)? What is ITAD computer recycling?

ITAD It Asset Disposal is a solution for old computers and electronic devices. deprecated How to make the most of it.

ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) is the safe recycling of IT assets in the digital age. with modern technology Safe in terms of information, environment, turning expenses into income It also promotes the Circular Economy and promotes sustainable corporate development, ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance).

With modern data destruction processes Comprehensive solution that your old data will be 100% destroyed according to international standards that even NASA or the Ministry of Defense The United States chooses to use with techniques that ensure that no one sees your data Including the collection of evidence to verify every steps.

After properly destroying the data How to dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic assets is also important. Taking into account safety and responsibility for the ecosystem is important. ITAD service providers must be proficient in the process while knowing how to maximize the value of IT assets. Environmentally friendly recycling to help reduce costs, save costs in every step and create the least loss as well.

Most organizations define the lifespan of electronic devices at different lengths. Many have to decide what to do with retired computers, old hard drives, waste equipment. Maybe by selling it, taking it to a recycling plant. or even destroying.

It Disposal Asia Data Destruction

When dealing with electronic media, there are many things to consider. This is especially true for countries with laws that support and protect personal data. (Thailand is going to start implementing the Personal Data Protection Act in 2016.) If massive amounts of data are eliminated in the wrong way, those old data may cause problems in the future. It costs the organization, wastes time, or even loses credibility with its partners.

ITAD – This is what happens if electronic assets are handled properly with ITAD

  1. Computers and hard drives will be cleaned as if they were new, without worrying about data leakage.
  2. Create a standard for disposing of e-waste without harming the environment.
  3. Reduce costs and damage to property.
  4. Transforming old, obsolete electronic assets to have the highest value.

Old computers, old hard drives or even old notebooks. can be brought back to the top Without the need for high cost of hiring to destroy Just choose a service provider with expertise. If you wish, you can contact Asia Data Destruction for further advice and details.

ITAD – Proper management of ITAD will benefit us in many ways as follows

  1. Reduces the risk of privacy leaks: ITAD Management will delete data from IT devices that are no longer in use in compliance with data security standards. This reduces the risk of personal information being leaked.
  2. Helps generate revenue: Selling idle IT equipment can generate revenue for an organization.
    Help build knowledge: By dealing with ITAD, we can learn about the processes involved in managing IT resources in an organization.
  3. Saves resources: Longer use of IT equipment saves resources and reduces the use of new equipment.
  4. Helps reduce environmental impact: Proper management of ITAD reduces the generation of IT waste.