Every computer has a different lifespan. When it’s time to change the device In addition to making sure that the information on the new computer is complete. You also need to be sure to safely destroy the data on the old computer. to ensure that the information that was previously contained There will never be a leak that can cause damage to yourself and the organization.

The next question is how to destroy an old computer? Which method is most often used as a method that can be easily done, such as Wipe hard drives, erase drives, or even smash them.

But how do you know those methods can actually destroy the data they contain?

ITAD or IT Asset Disposal

able to meet the needs in this section There are three main methods of data destruction, namely software deletion, magnetic destruction, and physical destruction.

The results obtained from the 3 types of processes differ. It depends on your final preferences how you want your computer to look like.

Maybe to delete the data and reuse the old computer. To add value by selling the unit to a service provider or dismantling it for recycling.

You can consult Asia Data Destruction to find the right solution for your needs. Effective destruction doesn’t have to be exhausting. Accurate according to international standards and can verify the destruction of data in old computers retrospectively.

Make sure that the old data won’t come back and cause problems for you in the future.

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