The terms ITAD and E-Waste are often used to refer to the disposal of electronic equipment. However, ITAD and E-Waste are different in several ways:

1. Recycle, Reuse, Destruction

When it’s time to replace old computers, old phones, old servers, or old hard drives, more than 90% of unused equipment is e-waste that needs to be disposed of. Some of which may be recycled. While some must be destroyed by the right method.

E-Waste focuses on recycling and disposing of parts, while ITAD focuses on proper handling and environmental friendliness. In some cases, just cleaning the computer can be used again.

2. Comfortable

Recycling E-Waste requires quite a lot of space. Moving the equipment to the factory not only wastes time and money but also adds complexity to the asset owner.

ITAD destruction procedures can address both on-site and off-site destruction in different ways.

3. Restore the value of the device

Destroying electronic devices costs varying amounts.

While E-Waste is classified as scrap that needs to be disposed of or some parts will be recycled.

The ITAD process can retrieve the value of the product. By reusing or reselling the equipment at a lower price.

4. Data Security

Nowadays, the law pays more attention to information on social media.

If the item is sent to the E-Waste category for disassembling and destruction We have no way of knowing if the data on the device will also be lost.

The ITAD service can handle the deletion of those data cleanly. and have reports that can be traced back.

5. Environmental friendly

E-Waste recycling plants have many uncontrollable variables such as noise, cleanliness, energy or even the resources used.

On the other hand, the ITAD procedure can reduce the problem of variables. And there is also a standard for convenient and fast management as well.


How to deal with equipment and e-waste is something that deserves serious attention.

Choosing the right method In addition to being able to help reduce environmental problems that may occur. It can also extend the usage period and the value of the device even more.

Thailand has started to wake up. Electronic asset management with the ITAD process as well.

Asia Data Destruction is here to offer consulting and services for those looking to deal with old computers, unwanted hard drives. Including servers that are no longer in use with methods that are certified according to international standards and can be checked at every step

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