Technology “Big Data Analytics or analytics of consumer databases” today is coming to play a huge role. Continue to market the world of business, resulting in “Data-Driven Marketing, marketing driven by consumer data”

One of the most common marketing methods is receiving messages to promote products or services, seeing advertisements on various social media channels such as Facebook, IG and Twitter, etc.

Have you ever wondered where these businesses get our personal information?

Whether it’s a phone number, information or a way to contact us. and include insights such as preferences or interests.

Acquiring consumer data nowadays is not as difficult as you think, resulting in more competitive marketing. Organizations or businesses Both have turned to pay attention to consumer data until they have to collect consumer data, whether it is usage data, history of using products or services, preferences, and media usage behavior. to be used in marketing planning To the business and determine the right direction for the next business.

What about new businesses that don’t yet have a customer base?

Where do these businesses get their target audience information from for marketing?

In a society where most communications are on the internet As a result, our information is on the Internet as well. Whether it’s information entered on Facebook for registration, photo sharing on Instagram, or check-in information on various social media. which these personal data The data we share online is of great value to academics, marketers, lawyers and anyone who profits from this personal data.

Which is not just in foreign countries where consumer information is traded. but in Thailand itself There are companies that trade the personal information of many people to various organizations. who want to take advantage of such information as well with both the acquisition of information that is legal and illegal acquisition of information In Thailand, there are quite a few news of information theft for trading on the black market.

The company that sells these data, called Data Broker, collects information of targeted individuals from the internet as well as offline data. to take advantage whether commercial or legal.

Types of Data Brokers

  1. Data Broker for Marketing and Advertising
    Emphasis on building a consumer database to be used for targeted advertising and marketing It includes age, residence, education level, income, web history. purchase history and interests, etc.
  2. Data broker detects fraud
    It is a service that banks and mobile operators often choose to use. to check before approving the loan to verify the accuracy of the information and reduce the risk of lending to fraudsters.
  3. Data broker to reduce risk
    Search history can be used to allow businesses to offer high interest loans. For example, a history of regular credit card purchases of luxury products online might indicate that a person is in heavy debt.
  4. Search Sites
    It enables organizations and companies to find information about people by searching for names. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and social security numbers.

What personal data does the Data Broker require?

Data Broker is like a middleman. with purchasing Providing target audience information It is also the data collector of the target group itself. Both online and offline to be sold to organizations or businesses. take advantage of marketing by main information That is of interest to these Data Brokers is

  • Name – Surname
  • residence
  • phone number
  • age
  • sex
  • Email
  • social security number
  • real estate information
  • income
  • education
  • occupation

Where can a Data Broker collect consumer data from?

  • Traditional Cookies
  • Super Cookies
  • finger printer
  • Tracker for authentication
  • Intermittent Cookies
  • Session-replay Scripts

source: Data Broker

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