Usually, formatting an HDD is the easiest and most convenient way to erase data on your computer or hard disk. This is because it can be done easily by yourself. Hassle-free, convenient, and fast.

Formatting an HDD may be suitable for people who want to clear memory space to install software or install programs that require quite a lot of space in memory.

But!! What if you want to sell, donate or pass these computers to someone else?

Formatting your HDD alone may not be enough to permanently erase all data on your device and it also doesn’t make your data 100% safe.

Because the data remains on the disk on the hard disk and can be recovered again. In this era, data recovery can be easier. Do it yourself and start retrieving other people’s data for more benefits.


If you try to go into the settings of a supposedly empty hard disk that has been formatted before, you will see that there is some storage being used. However, if you try to double-click it, you won’t find any files. This shows that there are still fragments of data left on the hard disk that is potentially recoverable.

Format Hdd Recovery Data

So is there any way to help erase data on your computer or hard drive before selling it? A type that can’t recover the data again and is 100% safe?

Understanding Personal Data is essential in this modern era of digitalization. Everybody has personal data stored on their HDD.  Formatting and HDD may erase data cleaner than just pressing Delete or Empty Trash, but it’s still not a safe way to completely delete data without the potential for recovery.

Many people may attempt to destroy the hard drive themselves using DIY-type methods, such as by drilling holes in the drive or attempting to burn it. These methods are not trustworthy methods to permanently delete your data. There are still experts in data recovery who can potentially recover it.

To make data deletion/destruction safe and reliable, it is necessary to use a standardized agency that is reliable and verifiable. If you do this, you can be confident that the information will not leak to a potential bad actor.Once this process is complete and the data has been 100% erased, the service can issue a certificate of data destruction.

Therefore, when erasing data on HDD, you should use a professional and reliable data destruction service that Can check the HDD before selling it to make sure the data has been 100% deleted.

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