Just like the banks that protects and saves our money and valuables, Data Center is established to store, maintain, and handle our data. These Data centers are now becoming the center of development for many countries and big organizations as they have shown everyone that using data center is more efficient and effective method to reduce cost while boost the overall productivity of the organization.  Data Centers provide excellent data maintenance and storage services that are very costly to build in an organization itself.  In addition, for companies who are providing their services and products online and not as a tangible product, having a small office and using data center will give them with more profitability.


Many businesses still build their own small data storage room which is fully in their responsibility and have their ownership in decision making. It is now starting to show that Data Centers are more effective and affordable comparing to our own data storage room. There are few reasons such as 24 hours of electricity consumption; maintaining the room temperature, humidity, and the system for smooth functioning; and the security system.

Many businesses may not believe but the security level in data centers is stricter and closely watched than most of the banks located near police stations.  Giving an example of the security system and strictness, the video below is a data center of Google.

Video of Google: How does Google secure its data centers?

This is one of the data centers of big organization which have all their needs within their compounds. On the other hand, many Data centers may have much more advanced technologies in use or may not have all the security system such of Google. Many Data Centers focuses into their data center maintenance and security more that they involve 3rd party to provide some of the services for them. It may be common idea to think it is not secure to use 3rd party but, these 3rd party have similar security standard.  The common 3rd parties that are involved are IT Asset Disposal professionals. These ITAD professionals and companies have very strict guidelines that are detailed and traceable. Many of these ITAD professionals also provides services to destroy IT Assets (HDD & SSD in this case) on the clients’ compound making it more secure for the destruction.

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The key certifications that data centers are always looking for are
  1. Iso 9001
  • A quality certificate which states that the services that are provided by this certified holder will be assures as international standard. It may be the best service, but it will never be underqualified service once this certification is given.
  1. Iso 27001 or NIST SP800-88
  • These certifications are for the information security. These certificates are only given to the professionals who have strict guidance and discipline actions towards handling information and their security. These certifications are hard to achieve, and Data Centers always look for these certifications to choose their partners.

There are other Certifications that are specified for the data destruction such as NAID AAA, which is trusted and wanted by all the data enters and by other important clients such as government officials and even militaries.

Selecting the right service providers will always keep your data center away from unnecessary security measures and breach by hackers and unethical data handlers. The security protocols of data centers are to be in lined with their providers security practices and vice versa for the best match.

Asia Data Destruction has experiences in IT asset management and data destruction for up to 12 years, serving more than 500 companies worldwide in 28 countries. ADD also holds certifications that can verify as the best practices for IT Asset Management and Destruction.