Data Erasure is a data erasure process recognized by the use of software to overwrite existing data. on hard disk drives or other IT devices to delete all data. This clears the data to make it difficult to recover the data again. Until it can not be recovered at all. But the hard disk can still be used. to preserve and be environmentally friendly It also allows for remarketing and returning the value of the product. The Data Erasure will take quite a long time to do.

But even though deleting data takes a relatively long time to do. But we will notice that many organizations in foreign countries. Still giving importance and not overlooking such steps Due to GDPR enforcement in Europe covering more than 28 countries around the world. with severe punishment They make organizations more important to data.

Why is data erasure important?

Safe and secure data deletion From data recovery to reuse It is important to help reduce vulnerabilities for organizations. agencies and business sectors in terms of information and also compliance with regulations Massive data protection regulations Because on the agency’s IT equipment there is often confidential information. Whether it’s a social security number credit card number bank details medical history of employees and other personal information of customers.

To understand why data destruction is the right way. therefore important for business Today we will talk about 3 main advantages of deleting data properly. and secure to protect sensitive data from potential problems.

Advantages of erasing data properly in the business sector

1. Compliance with legal requirements

whether at the national level or international level There are laws related to the protection of personal data so that businesses are aware of the importance of protecting the personal data of their customers. and to protect personal information of employees When these customer data are compromised because the organization does not destroy or secure storage. There will be penalties from the relevant regulatory bodies. It also exposes businesses to costly lawsuits from affected customers.

2. Protect the reputation of the business.

data breach Especially caused by the negligence of doing business. It can severely damage the reputation of a business. Personal information about customers and employees leaked Data thieves can take those data. Used to deceive to steal personal information. and continue to commit fraud which if those information come from your organization No one would want to do business with an organization that cannot protect their data.

3. Prevent attacks from data thieves

Although identity theft is a crime that has been around for a long time. That doesn’t mean that at present this problem will go away, but there are more. when modern technology has been used This makes it easier for personal information to be disclosed online. Whether from negligence or weak security practices of the organization. To prevent those important personal information from leaking out of your organization, doing Data Erasure is another way to help protect it. and reduce the risk.


Even Data Erasure will take quite a long time to do. But it is becoming more and more needed by organizations or agencies. To help reduce the cost of buying a new device after the data has been destroyed. So that your organization can manage data in the right way and conveniently.

: DataVersity

Asia Data Destruction (ADD) is a data destruction services company on electronic and paper media with over 14 years of experience.

The service has already been provided both domestically and internationally. And it is also accepted by many agencies and companies. in terms of comprehensive services comfort and confidence.

Including standards in terms of data security. to take care of the important information of customers in accordance with the policies and standards that customers want We and our expert team are ready to serve you. and help ensure that your data is properly destroyed and cannot be recovered.

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