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Happy New Year 2019! 2
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In 2018, Data Privacy has been marked by a milestone on May 25: the implementation of the GDPR* in the EU.

In Thailand, the Personal Data Protection Act draft has been reviewed last year and we anticipate its enactment date to be scheduled within 2019.

Asia Data Destruction services offer consultations to inform and advice on the modification to be implemented by the company to be compliant with these new laws, and environmental disposal of retired IT assets.

We also guide companies in getting the most return on investment for their unused devices, in an environment friendly manner.

Our company, ADD, celebrating its 10 years anniversary with more than 500 clients,

has delightfully terminated 2018 with the expansion of our operations in new territories, reaching 25 countries, and a partnership with Power Buy, Thailand’s leading and most trusted distributor of electrical appliances, IT products and electronic devices.

2019 targets of ADD

include the increase of our logistics resources in Thailand, and of course to continue developing our area of operations on all the continents. Our teams will continue training and implementing new processes to stay the leader in IT Asset Disposal in Asia and be the most efficient in protecting the Data of our clients, corporate or individuals.

The Asia Data Destruction team wishes you a Happy New Year and remain at your disposal if you need further information about our services.

*For a better understanding of the GDPR, please view our video HERE

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Asia Data Destruction (เอเชีย ดาต้า เดสตรัคชั่น สำนักงานใหญ่)
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Asia Data Destruction (เอเชีย ดาต้า เดสตรัคชั่น)
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Tel : +66 (0) 2453 9165
Fax: +66 (0) 2453 9166

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