Today is Data Protection Day! Let’s Celebrate!

Today is Data Protection Day! Let’s Celebrate! 1

Data Protection Day commemorates the adoption by the Council of Europe of the Convention 108 on January 28th, 1981 — the first legally binding international treaty on privacy and data protection.

Today, 51 countries around the world have signed and ratified the treaty, which sets out key principles in the area of personal data protection and is to this day the only international treaty in this field. With the GDPR enforced on May 25th 2018 — and the Personal Data Protection Act draft reviewed in the same year in Thailand — the international Data Protection Day now has an even greater resonance on businesses around the world.

Ensuring corporate data privacy has become both a legal obligation as well as a social and environmental responsibility.

Data are created every day as companies keep accumulating more and more information on customers, partners and employees. This data should be rigorously protected.

At Asia Data Destruction (ADD), we follow international standards in data security, safety and environmental preservation. ADD’s services include secured data disposal services for servers, hard drives, PCs, laptops, smartphones and other data center assets. We offer individual and corporate support with safe and secured IT assets disposal and data erasure solutions while maintaining corporate social responsibility and protecting the environment.

Today is Data Protection Day! Let’s Celebrate! 2