• Is the data on your old computer at risk?
  • Are you sure that your information is not being sold on auction sites?
  • It’s dangerous if the data on old computers is mishandled.
  • It’s danger if you always wash the machine before discarding.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government of Japan Announced that 18 hard disk drives that have been retired and sent to be destroyed. Was put up for auction by Yahoo Japan Corp. by company employees recycling equipment located in Tokyo who have been assigned to bring these hard disks to be discarded and destroyed The size of the data on these hard disks. All 27 terabytes were extracted as personal information. Car tax payment record including tax audits But the government has confirmed that there was no leak of any information.

After examining this employee More than 3,900 hard drives and other devices have been announced since 2016 after he started working. where the company recycles this equipment.

The above case studies remind us that old computer old hard drive Including various IT equipment that you no longer use and send for data erasure, disposal, destruction, and sale, how much can you be confident that the method is the correct and safe destruction of data? Is there verifiable evidence of destruction?

Therefore, choosing a data destruction company Choosing from ads and prices may not be enough. You need to know the method of destruction, the company’s supporting standards, and proof of destruction. whether there is enough to check or not.

Because information is a valuable asset that you can’t value.