We usually use the words ITAD and E-waste to refer to IT asset disposal. However, ITAD and E-waste have many differences:

1. Recycle, Reuse, Destruction

There comes a time when people need to upgrade their IT equipment, up to 90% of unused IT equipment such as old computers, smartphones, servers, and hard disks become e-waste that needs to be destroyed. Some parts could be brought back to recycle, whereas others need a proper destruction technique. E-waste focuses on recycling and discarding the shatters, while ITAD focuses on appropriate management of assets and being environmentally friendly. In some cases, these assets can even be reused if data destruction is done properly.

2. Convenience

E-waste recycling requires a lot of space. Moving equipment to the recycling site is not only time-consuming and costly, but it also increases difficulties to the asset owner. ITAD’s destruction process can be done both on and off-site depending on the type of techniques the asset’s owner has chosen to implement.

3. Value recovery of the equipment

There is a difference between the recovery value of ITAD and E-waste. Assets that have gone through the E-waste process will be turned in to scraps, these scraps will then be recycled or destroyed. Whereas assets that have gone through the ITAD process can be fully recovered, these assets will then be re-used or re-sold at a competitive price.

4. Data Security

As data on social media has become more and more important, many countries are starting to publish laws regarding these data. This means that E-waste is no longer efficient in implementing these new laws as data owners are not able to guarantee the complete disposal of their data.

5. Environmentally friendly

There are many uncontrollable variables in an E-waste recycling plant, this may include sound pollutions, dust pollutions, power as well as used resources. However, these problems are reduced when ITAD procedure is used, ITAD plants can manage these variables meaning a strict standard can be met. In addition, ITAD process is more convenient and time-efficient.

IT equipment and E-waste management is a matter of serious concern.

Selecting the correct method will not only reduce environmental problems that may arise,  but it can also extend the lifespan and value of the equipment further.

Thailand has also started to raise awareness of electronic asset management through the ITAD process. Asia Data Destruction is ready to provide advice and services for those looking to deal with old computers, unwanted hard drives including,  but not limited to, servers that are no longer in use.Our method is certified and complies with international standards; all our steps can be verified.