• Are data in your old computers in danger?
  • Are you sure that your personal data will not be sold on an online auction site?
  • Dangerous! if data in your old computers are taken care wrongly
  • Dangerous! destroy data in your unwanted computer before get rid of it

YOKOHAMA  –  local government officials revealed that eighteen discarded hard disks from Yahoo Japan Corp have been sold. ฺBy an employee of a Tokyo-based information equipment recycling company, the disks were commissioned to disposed and destroyed. The stolen hard drives with a total data size of 27 terabytes contained personal information, tax payment records for automobiles,  as well as tax investigation. However, the Government confirmed that there were no leakage of any form of information.

He has admitted to investigators that he had successfully resold 3,900 storage devices as well as other equipment since he entered the Tokyo-based firm in 2016.

This case study has raised awareness about accurate and safe data destruction of old computers, hard drives, as well as other IT equipment that have been sent to delete, destroy, dispose of, or resell.

It is only safe to hire businesses with verified Data Destruction Certificates to handle these valuable data to ensure high accuracy and security. Therefore, when choosing Data Destruction Companies, one should consider more than just advertising and pricing. The destruction process must be made clear to businesses, verified certificates are required and an adequate evidence of destruction should be available for checking.

Because data is an invaluable asset. 

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