There are 3 methods for deleting hard disk data that many people know and are safe and sound.

  1. Programmable data wiping  (Data Wiping)
  2. Magnetic deletion  (Degaussing)
  3. Shredding the hard disk

However, each method of deleting and destroying data is a different process that has unique advantages and disadvantages.


Data Wiping is a technology that completely erases hard disk data. Regular “Delete” and “Format” functions on a computer can not permanently delete data on the hard disk, it only makes the data invisible to the user. We, therefore, need to use a special program that has been tested in order to properly data the data. The standard has been confirmed by various leading agencies. More importantly, the process ensures that the personal data you wish to destroy will be permanently deleted.

The advantage is that the hard drive can be reused.

The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to delete the data once.

Hdd Wiping Degaussing Shredding Data Destruction1


Degausser erasure has long been used in the field of erasing and destroying data in electronic devices. But there are many people who do not know how this method actually works! Degaussing is a process that is done using a magnetic field to erase data on a hard disk by a machine called a degausser. This method will make data unrecoverable because the machine destroys the magnetic pattern of the hard disk.

The advantage is that it takes the fastest time to destroy data compared to other methods. And you can be 100% sure that your data will be deleted permanently. and cannot be restored again.

The disadvantage is that the hard disk cannot be reused again.

Hdd Wiping Degaussing Shredding Data Destruction2 1


Hard disk crushing, also known as Shredding or Grinding is the physical destruction of the hard disk directly by running the hard disk through a hard disk grinder. It follows the NAID agency’s rules that set data destruction standards for all types of data including paper and electronic data. This is generally defined as safe hard disk destruction. Debris from destruction must be small enough that it cannot be used again.

The advantage is that you can be 100% sure that your data will be permanently destroyed.

The disadvantage is that the hard disk cannot be reused.

Hdd Wiping Degaussing Shredding Data Destruction3

What is HDD Shredding?

Therefore, choosing the most suitable data destruction method will depend on the customer’s needs and security policy. Every method of deletion of our data is NAID certified, which assures us that our deletion is 100% safe. However, the speed and convenience will depend on the method the customer chooses. including the type of customer’s device. In addition, customers can also choose to destroy data using more than one method.