We are Leader in IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Asia Data Destruction has successfully provided certified data destruction as ITAD solutions for more than 15 years and to more than 1000 companies across the world, including large publicly traded corporations known 

What is ITAD?

IT asset Disposal, known as ITAD, a New E-Recycling program using trusted technology that ensures complete data erasure and cutting-edge recycling. ITAD is particularly relevant in today’s age of digitization and innovation. As technology is accelerating faster than ever, we help you to turn over your IT equipment. Furthermore, we are here to help you identify the adequate method to manage the lifecycle of your Information Technology assets, including but not limited to the end of the IT asset lifecycle.

Our ITAD process

Itad Process (

How it works

1. Contact Us

Step 1

Contact us

Contact and and get the tailor made quote as you requested.

2. Confirmation

Step 2


Confirm quotation, pick up or operate on-site as our client’s requested

3. Collection

Step 3


Arrive on the schedule date, collecting IT devices from client’s facility and delivery back to ADD

4. Data Destruction

Step 4

Data Destruction

Start Data Destruction process at our facility

5. Certificate

Step 5

Get Certificate

Get Data Destruction certificate and report

ITAD Services

Itad (3)

Data Destruction as ITAD

Our data destruction processes are compliant with NIST SP 800.88 and NAID guidelines, the international certified association for companies providing information destruction services around the world.


From Manufacturing Sector to Banking, Local or International, large MNC or SME, government departments and non-governmental organizations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, we serve a wide range of clients.

1. Data Destruction
2. On Site & Off Site Destruction

ITAD On-site & Off-site Destruction

We are a full-service firm with extensive experience offering services in all areas of IT asset management. We provide both on-site and off-site destruction depending on our clients requirements, needs and compliance.

On-site Data Destruction refers to destruction with itad of any data taking place within the the clients location (or in any requested location) to provide most security process with the option to witness the disposition.

Off-site Data Destruction refers to any destruction of data that occurs in our secure facility. The assets will be collected from client location, then transported to our secure facility where each equipment is destoyed.

IT Asset Inventory

We can assist you to create asset list.

ITAD Save your valuable time and energy, Our professional team can visit to perform an inspection and collect information to create an asset list for you. With our Asset List, your auditing will have no issue as we provide documents that are compliance to respective industrial regulations and even PDPA.

3. It Asset Inventory
4. It Logistics

IT Logistics

We are the “one stop service” for IT asset lifecycle management. In other words, you can trust that our full service firm will take care of all of the intricacies and logistics involved in the IT asset lifecycle! From the moment of pickup, to all the way till issuing of a certificate, we handle the entire process from beginning to end!

Annual Contract

We offer annual contacts for IT asset managements. We do this so our customers will be able to plan their IT budgets effectively and in advance. This is directly in line with our core value that out customers peace of mind is our priority!

5. Annual Contract
6. Global Contract

Global Contract

Our professional team is waiting to assist you across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America directly or through our network of industry leading and properly certified partners!

Audit & Consulting

ADD in ASEAN, is the Leader in secure, sustainable and responsible management of retired ITAD, IT Asset Disposal with a scope of services covering Data Destruction, ISO 27001/2, implementation of data protection Company Compliance, Compliance to European new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), preparation to New Thai Data Privacy Bill, asset Management consulting, Re-marketing (buy back of your obsolete product) and Intellectual property (dismantling and recycling). We provide consultation service which benefits the customer by understanding the core value and providing solutions for respective needs and requirements.

7. Audit & Consulting
8. Tailored Made Services

Tailored-Made Services

ADD as itad will provide you with services fully compliant with your Head Offices requirement, following the same international standards all over the countries where we have a commercial presence.

From small Consultancy Boutique Firm to Multinational Companies we are able to answer your specific needs. Our Logistic fleet is trained to dispose couple of Smartphone to hundred of PC set, where ever your facilities are located, big city or Province. We provide the service that is specifically tailored for your organization.

Buyback Service

Convert E-waste into income!
Learn how to speed up and rationalize your disposal process in order to maximize the residual value of your IT assets. In addition we can assist you to gain comprehensive asset valuation based on actual market price. We can help you identify potential asset redeployment possibilities within your company and remarketing opportunities.

Eliminate hidden costs !
Poor IT asset management policy leads to major capital inefficiency and increases the risk of data leaks and employee corruption. Through our clear and efficient policies we can support you in setting up sustainable IT asset management practices. This enables your IT team to focus on their primary job and avoid wasting time and resources.

9. Buyback Service

ADD can buy marketable used IT equipment at industry fair market value to help clients accomplish a number of goals including:

Product we accept

Every IT equipment that is near the end of its life cycle and is able to be reused, resold or recycled.

10. It Refurbishing

IT Refurbishing

Refurbishment is one of the best way for managing E-waste as we are an environment friendly organization. We are professional in refurbishing that will turn the waste into opportunity by repairing and re-using. We provide refurbishing services by our expert team to bring old machines back to life!.

Refurbishing IT and electronics is particularly profitable when it comes to society support, economic, health and environmental benefits.

Computer Recycling

Have you got old IT equipment’s lying around that you haven’t used for years? We are able to help you to manage the retired machines by computer recycling. ADD is compliant with global guidelines, recycling laws and reporting requirements.

11. Computer Recycling
12. Csr Project Support

CSR Project Support

We have extensive experience in helping companies with CSR projects relating to information technology. As part of our core mission of contributing to a better and more sustainable word, we are always exited to do ITAD work involving CSR!

Some previously example of CSR projects were done in the past include: