Data lifecycle management (DLM) - a solution to increase an efficiency in data management according to the Person Data Protection Act (PDPA) 1
An employee of a Japan-based information equipment recycling company sold hard drives in an internet auction 2
What is ‘ITAD’ or IT Asset Disposal? What is the best solution for unused computers and how to maximize benefits from them? 3
The Personal Data Protection Act has been postponed to be next year. How to be compliant with PDPA requirements? How to prepare your company and you IT Department to welcome the New Data Privacy Law? 4
COVID-19: Closing company, how to deal with obsoleted computer? IT Asset Disposal is your solution. Bangkok and Worldwide service. 5
COVID-19: Working measure of ADD to overcome this state of emergency 6
Data Privacy Implementation Seminar PDPA / GDPR / How to collect, transfer and dispose of data. Good training for your DPO (Data Protection Officer) 7
Best practice for IT Asset End of Life. How to destroy data in your old computer, laptop, smartphone or electronic devices? And covered the cost of service and make profit by selling you product. IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) can provide data erasure and buyback solution. 8
PDPA "Privacy for all" guidebook for directions corporations should follow regarding the law. Thailand Personal Data Protection Act, the biggest seminar in Bangkok. Get Ready befor the scheduled to come into force in May 2020 9
ADD Network map รับทำลายฮาร์ดดิสก์