Asia Data Destruction, Leader in IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Asia Data Destruction is successfully providing Certified Data Destruction Solution for more than 12 years and to more than 500 companies across the world.







Who We Are

The Leader In Data Destruction

Asia Data Destruction, ADD, is a leading certified IT asset disposal company, providing data destruction service in compliance with international standards; European GDPR. Our strong client base extends from governmental institutions to international corporations; we operate throughout ASEAN, serving in 80 countries worldwide. ADD takes care of the disposal of obsolete equipment in an ecologically responsible manner; providing minimized costs and maximized returns on remarketed technology while keeping sensitive data secured.

Did you know factory reset is not enough when clearing sensitive data from IT assets, they can always be restored. Data privacy is a big concern for businesses as well as individuals. Data can be used to track personal preferences and interests. Asia Data Destruction can provide solutions to prevent data leakage. We are very client orientated, always making sure that our clients’ expectations are met and that their data is safe. Our values for diversity and integrity help guide our long-term strategy, as well as our daily goals. In addition, our software provides thousands of organizations with the tools they need to enable sustainable data sanitization across a wide array of IT assets. We, of course, are concerned for the environment, opting for the repurposing of used IT assets where possible. This allows us and our clients to decrease our carbon footprint alongside increasing capital gain. We believe our business will help create a better world in this information age.

What We Believe In

The values of diversity, integrity and a performance-minded attitude guide our long-term strategy and our day-to-day goals. We believe these values allow us to maintain our pursuit for excellence in customer relationship, corporate responsibility and overall performance.

Safety and Security

In order to preserve an atmosphere that ensures the productivity, dignity and safety of all our staff members, we adopted this principle that applies to all members of our staff and visitors, clients, guests and suppliers. This principle applies to premises either owned or leased by the company.

Environmental Sustainability

Our core business is recycling and our employees are fully committed to the preservation of nature whether it is by reducing energy consumption or reducing the waste generated by our operations.


We operate in a highly regulated industry, at the national and international level. Our employees are kept informed of latest legislations and we comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules, related self-regulatory organization standards, and codes of conduct.

Things need to Prepare for us

We offer a simple and secure way to destroy your used IT equipment

  • Asset Reconciliation (Item Lists for Disposal)
  • Select Data Destruction Methods
  • Any compliance or specific requirements based on your policy i.e. Privacy Law, ISO27001, GDPR, PDPA, HIPPA, etc.
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